What is growspace?

my space for development

I know.

I know what I

  • can (strengths/weaknesses)
  • want (energizer/energy killer) and really makes sense for me
  • need (skills/energizers) to do my job well

I grow.

I'm growing with suitable

  • own development and see my progress
  • can get feedback on my skills at any time
  • find and ask experts in my organization

to remain employable in the long term.

I flow.

I have fun and success in my job, as I know

  • which tasks I should do more or less to stay healthy
  • what I can do to work even better together with my colleagues and to feel psychological safe
  • how good my job suits me and which other job would suit me even better
  • how "fit for fair future" (economically, ecologically, socially, governance) my job is
How does growspace help me as a leader?
    I know:
  • I have transparency regarding tasks, skills, and energy in the team at all times
  • I know how to design jobs effectively and regeneratively, i.e. "fit for fair future"
  • I grow:
  • I know how to increase the performance/fun in my team
  • I take the right development measures, including successors
  • I support my employees through regular feedback
  • I ensure psychological safety in the team
  • I promote effective & innovation and efficiency & productivity
  • I flow:
  • I fill jobs appropriately in a team
  • I divide tasks appropriately within the team
  • I use diversity and content-related conflicts in the team for optimal solutions
  • I enjoy leadership
How does growspace help me as HR Business Partner?
    Design business:
  • I define "fit for fair future" jobs with managers easily and quickly
  • Recruit:
  • I save time in recruiting and onboarding and increase the quality of placements
  • Develop people:
  • I support my managers and employees in their development or job change
  • I save myself time-consuming employee discussions / potential rounds and have more time to support my colleagues in organizational and business development
  • I create certificates based on the job fit quickly
  • Collaborate with HR (recruiting, PD, OD) departments and leaders
  • I have a tried-and-tested skills and energy model as a basis for job-profiles, employee topics, and close collaboration
  • and am valued by them as an internal consultant
How growspace helps me with recruiting?
  • the job profiles (tasks, skills and energy) give me clear criteria as to who we are really looking for in recruiting
  • I save time when creating the job advertisements
  • I can address applicants more precisely and receive more suitable applicants
  • I appeal to more applicants for whom "fit for fair future" jobs are important
  • Interview:
  • I use skill and energy profiles to make the fit between applicants and jobs transparent
  • I know which criteria I can focus on in the interview and increase the quality of the appointments for both sides
  • Follow-up:
  • I can easily summarize and evaluate the assessments of my colleagues
  • I can offer applicants alternative, more suitable jobs
  • I can give applicants constructive feedback and thus increase employer branding
How does growspace help me with personnel development?
  • I have transparency as to which measures (further training or team development) are needed for business success
  • Develop:
  • I can train trainers so that the didactic concepts are better suited to the participants
  • As a trainer and coach, I can respond specifically and individually to the development needs of the participants
  • Follow-up:
  • I receive information on whether skill development has worked in practice (360° feedback)
  • I can support my colleagues in their development and am valued and sought after by managers and colleagues as an internal consultant
How does growspace help me with consulting?
  • I can recommend entrepreneurs a tried and tested tool for personal, team and company development so that they remain/become capable and willing to learn, innovative, regenerative and so "fit for fair future"
  • I create maximum transparency with minimal effort through the skill, energy, job, fit, culture and "fit for fair future" analyses, thus creating concern and fun for my clients to continue working on themselves, their jobs and their organization
  • I promote psychological safety, inclusion and readiness for change and thus support teams in resolving content-related conflicts
  • I help people to help themselves; the results of my workshops are implemented through concrete recommendations for action, have consequences and have a lasting economic, ecological and social impact
  • I know that the tool meets all the requirements of the GDPR and that the operators handle data responsibly
  • I am valued and in demand as an innovative partner